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The Express Console™

A New

User Experience

for Salesforce







want to know...

 How can I get more done in Salesforce?

Where should I manage my Tasks?

Why can't I just use Classic? 

Sales Managers

are asking...

 How do I increase Salesforce adoption?
What's happening inside our deals?
Why won't my reps use Lightning?

The Express Console

is the answer

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Simple Design

and Operation

  • Opportunities and related Activities together in one place

  • Simple, clutter-free view of Opportunities

  • Forecast, Close and Probability metrics

  • Dynamic Quota and Attainment totals at the bottom

Benefits for Salespeople
  • Faster response time

  • Fewer clicks for the common actions they perform every day

  • An easy “To-Do” list for tasks and events

  • Quick access to Email, Account and Contact details – without leaving the main screen

  • Get more done every day - and sell more!

Benefits for 
Sales Management
  • Increased adoption of

  • Greater visibility into key details of all Opportunities

  • A Forecast View with access to Activities

  • More accurate forecasts from reps who "live inside their pipeline.”

  • Increased productivity means more sales


Lightning Web Components Design

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All-New Architecture

Lightning Web Components (LWC) is Salesforce's new framework for User Experience development.

It utilizes web-standard HTML5 and Java to provide a Salesforce experience that is faster and more flexible than the Classic "Aura" framework.

Winner of the  Dreamforce '19

LWC Demo Jam

The LWC Demo Jam was a competition between new Lightning Web Components (LWC) apps.

The Express Console is 100% LWC.

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